About Us



“To reconcile the world back to Christ, through the preaching and teaching of the gospel and by the demonstration of God’s power.”



The ministry began as a bible study in January 2007 at the Holiday Inn, Waycross GA.  The bible study was held every Saturday at 12 noon in the Holiday room.  The first bible study hosted twenty-six (26) attendees from Waycross and the surrounding area.  In October 2007, Kingdom Dominion Ministries was founded and officially organized as a ministry by Carlos White, Senior Pastor.  In December 2007, an announcement was made that Kingdom Dominion Ministries would secure a building and begin holding services.  After searching the area, Pastor White came across a vacant building for lease located in the downtown Waycross area.  After a meeting with the owners, it was decided that Kingdom Dominion Ministries would purchase the building for the ministry.  In February 2008, KDM was secured and renovations began immediately.  The dedication service was held on March 16, 2008 with six (6) dedicated adult members and eight (8) children.   The foundation of the ministry was based on the Mission Statement, “Meeting the needs of the people through the gospel of Jesus Christ” taken from Ezekiel 37.  God spoke to Pastor White to minister a Word that would bring life, restoration, and liberty to His people.
Kingdom Dominion Ministries experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the early years and became known for the solid Word-based teachings of Pastor White.  The church maintained an atmosphere of excitement and optimism as member and guests were converted by the gospel of Jesus Christ!   In 2012, the Mission Statement was changed to, “Modeling the Kingdom and Demonstrating God’s Power!” to proclaim the true mission of the church.
From 2010-2013, Pastor White conducted and hosted a number of leadership and ministerial classes to develop ministers in training for greater service in ministry.
After years of faithful service to the ministry and training under the leadership of the Senior Pastor, Lady Chenille White was installed as the Executive Pastor of the ministry.  After the completion of ministerial and diaconate training, Pastor White ordained five (5) ministers and three (3) deacons in August 2015.
For a period of two (2) years, Pastor White received numerous prophetic words about the apostolic mantle on His life.  In September 2014, Apostle White received affirmation and embraced the apostolic mantle.  Apostle White provides oversight and counsel to pastors and leaders that bring stability in their lives and ministry.  Apostle White has traveled internationally and does mission work in other countries; with more opportunities on the horizon.
Kingdom Dominion Ministries became known as Kingdom Dominion Ministries International (KDMI) on January 1, 2016.
KDMI is committed to discipleship and the growth and spiritual maturity of all followers!