Here at Kingdom Dominion Ministries International (KDMI) we believe that every individual has a gift(s).  This gift(s) is very important to the body of Christ and aids in the advancement of the kingdom of God.  We believe that it is vital for you, as well as, the ministry to understand your spiritual gifts, passions, and interests.  This helps to align you in an area of ministry that will be beneficial for you and the ministry.

Opportunities for service for adults, teens and youth

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First Impressions

Creates a warm environment for guests and members to ensure the experience at KDMI is a great experience!

Assimilation Ministry

Facilitates guests, prospective members, and new members during their time of visitation with the ministry to ensure individuals connect and feel a sense of belonging.

W.I.N. Team

Provides service "Wherever I’m Needed” in the ministry. This ministry offers individuals an opportunity to grow and gain knowledge in every facet of the ministry.

Dance Ministry

Ushers in the Holy Spirit during the worship service and creates an atmosphere for praise and worship through dance.

Worship Ministry

Exists to create an atmosphere for the flow of the anointing of God. The purpose is to lead the congregation into a passionate, intimate time of worship, so that hearts are prepared and open to receive the Word of God.

Media & Production Ministry

Communicates God’s love and power through video, audio, camera, and social media. This ministry ensures that the gospel extends beyond the walls of the ministry.

Hospitality Ministry

Welcomes guests and members to the service and strives to connect the people to the ministry. Serves as a greeter, usher, and assists with food preparation and/or serving.

Youth Ministry

Provides an avenue for youth and teens to share their God-given gifts and talents with the body of Christ through dance, drama, poetry, praise and worship, hospitality and any service areas within the ministry.